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What platforms do you offer?

Our CryptosForce platform is a sophisticated, multidevice app providing traders with all the tools they need to stay in control of the markets. With over 80 intelligent indicators and 200 cloud-based alerts free of charge, CryptosForce is the no. 1 app for traders looking for the best mobile trading experience.
The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is ideal for both new and experienced traders. If you’re looking for an online trading platform, MT4 is one of the most popular online trading platforms in the market. You can execute manual or automated trades (known as Expert Advisors). It also lets you enhance your strategies through backtesting them.
MT5 builds on from the industry’s gold standard MT4, MetaTrader 5 is the latest platform by Metaquotes aimed at traders looking for state-of-the-art features. The platform comes with many additional advantages, including 21 timeframes, 6 pending order types, hedging and netting options and multi-thread strategy tester for EAs.

Are there fees for using your platforms?
There are no download, setup or subscription fees for using our platforms.
Fees and charges apply to trading.
What is CryptosForce server time?
The markets open on Sundays at 05:00 pm, New York time. Our server time is GMT+3 (or GMT+2 during Daylight Savings Time). This means trading begins at 00:01 server time, with the daily rollover occurring at the same time each day. This time cannot be changed on the platform. This is to avoid what is known as a ‘weekend candle,’ which would appear on a Sunday on a daily chart with GMT-based platforms.

Where are your servers located?
Our CryptosForce servers are located in Ireland.

Our MT4/MT5 servers are hosted at Equinix LD5 in London and Hong Kong.

For more details please visit Trading Infrastructure

Can I trade on my mobile?
Yes. CryptosForce, Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5) are available on iPhone and Android smart phone devices. Please visit the respective app stores to download them or you can get the links from your CryptosForce downloads section.

Can I trade using an API connection?

We provide CryptosForce live account holders with monthly trading volumes of at least US$100m the opportunity to demo the FIX environment to test their systems in real-time before trading in the live market.

What is CryptosForce?
CryptosForce is the most sought-after app in the world of mobile – designed, created and built with the modern trader in mind. It boast powerful trading tools and unique functionalities, all accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet with a single login.

Key features include:

  • Split- and quad-screen view – Stay on top of every market movement with up to four charts on a screen, at any given time.
  • Advanced Charting – 50+ intelligent drawing tools and 80+ indicators to assist with your technical analysis.
  • TrendRisk Scanner – This proprietary feature identifies potential trades and recommends target and stop levels.
  • Over 200 cloud-based alerts and triggers – delivered across all your devices. Never miss a trading opportunity again.

Do demo accounts expire?​

Demo accounts on CryptosForce currently do not expire but we do reserve the right to close them.
What mobile apps do you support?
CryptosForce supports iOS and Android smart devices. We also have Desktop versions for Windows and Mac.
How long does it take to open an account?​

Account opening times vary by client, but provided you’ve supplied your documents and they are acceptable, you should receive your login details within two working days. If you have any queries regarding your account application please email and we’ll try to assist you in any way possible.

What are the differences between CryptosForce and MT4/MT5?

CryptosForce is our proprietary trading platform, perfect for both new and experienced manual traders. Built with the trader in mind, it focuses on giving the user the total ability to take control of your trades as well as give you advanced tools and custom indicators that are not commonly found in MT4 and MT5. Such as cloud based alerts and our Trend Risk Scanner.
MT4 and now MT5 are popular standard platforms used by most brokers. They are highly customizable and also used by traders who prefer automated trading strategies, know as Expert Advisors or robots.

Can I have a CryptosForceAccount and MT4/MT5 Account?
Yes you can have multiple account types with CryptosForce. However each account type is exclusive to the platform you want to use. For example, MT4 accounts can only be used with MT4 platform, MT5 accounts with MT5 platform and CryptosForceaccounts with CryptosForce platform.
Where do the price quotes come from on CryptosForce?
We have relationships with liquidity providers who stream live tradeable prices and market depth information to the platform.

Is it possible to access the same account from different computers?
Yes – as long as you have the correct login details, you can log in to the platform from any computer, provided your connection settings are correct and the connection is not being blocked by a firewall or your ISP.

Where can I view my trading history?

For Desktop: Your Trading History in CryptosForcecan be viewed by toggling the Bottom bar open and selecting the History button at the bottom of your account information section. The account history will be displayed in the trades section.
For Mobile: Navigate to the Positions screen and select the Closed tab at the top to display your account trading history.
What happens to my open positions when I log out of CryptosForce?
Open Positions will not be closed until a stop-loss, take-profit or the Stop Out Level is reached. Existing limit orders will still be filled if the entry level is met.